Friday, March 16, 2012

Wonder - Pages 205-234

We learn something about Julian in this section. It might not be a deep look into his character, but it is educational nonetheless. Auggie uses a great simile, saying Julian "looked and acted like someone in a KidzBop commercial." (And with all the choices of videos to choose, I chose this one. Who knew Mr. W was a Lady Gaga fan? You learn something everyday.)

Auggie notices Maya and Ellie passing notes on Uglydoll stationary. He makes a comment about where the maker of Uglydolls got his ideas. The next day he finds an Uglydoll key chain on his chair in class. 

Auggie's hearing has finally deteriorated to the point of needing hearing aids. Traditional hearing aids hook behind the ear. Some even fit completely inside the ear.

That won't work for Auggie. Instead, he meets a doctor fascinated with Star Wars who makes Auggie look sort of like Lobot. In The Empire Strikes Back, Lobot's brain was connected to Cloud City's central computers which allowed him to "talk" with the computers.

Sort of looks like Mr. W's head + Auggie's ears = Lobot

Auggie's doctor is pretty awesome. He tells Auggie that Lobot is cool and says, "It's not like we're saying you're going to look like Jar Jar, you know?" (Good thing, in my opinion. Seeing a Gungan come to school would be sort of like seeing a Wookiee.)

The doctor was talking about Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar was a Gungan.  Source

Auggie's new Lobot ears help eliminate white noise. White noise is all the background noise that can sometimes gets in the way of hearing the important stuff. Like all the conversations in a restaurant might make it hard to hear your waiter. Or maybe in a classroom - well, not OUR classroom - it might be hard to hear the teacher with the whispers, desks moving, papers shuffling, and other sounds in the room. White noise sounds like this looks:

*All images linked to their source.

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  1. These pages have been a lot of fun to look through with the students. Today they really liked the Sesame Street Zydeco video and the Lobot & JarJar pictures.

    Would you consider putting a picture of Dirty Harry/Clint Eastwood in Justin's section? "Go ahead. Make my day."

  2. Hey, everyone! Glad you are liking the images as you read Wonder. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. E. I'll get on that Dirty Harry image. (And the Green Day video. And wasn't there another one too?)

  3. Thank you so much for creating this resource. It is such a huge help when reading and discussing the book with my students.

  4. My friend Annabelle pictured Julian as the dirty blond dude in the Kidz Bop video! My name is Brady, by the way!

  5. Brady, tell Annabelle that's how I pictured him too. Great minds must think alike! ;-)

    Mr. W.

  6. Thanks Mr W, awesome job

  7. hi i am in australia and i love wat u r doing

  8. I am using this with my fifth graders for Wonder. SO HELPFUL! Thank you!

  9. Awesomehorse300011/19/17, 8:13 PM

    Thx sooo much for posting this it was really helpful

  10. All of your comments are moderated. That means before they appear on the website, they have to be approved by me. This morning someone left a comment about a certain scene in the book. I totally agree with you about that scene and how you felt when it happened, but I'm not going to publish the comment.

    The only reason is simply this: I want to avoid spoilers for people still reading.

    Mr. W.

  11. I thought jar jar was the big fat slug

    1. Nope, but their names are similar. The big, fat slug is Jabba. Jabba the Hutt.

  12. This is a good book and sad book too.


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