Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wonder - Part Five: Justin

Justin's part is introduced with a quote from The Elephant Man, a play written by Bernard Pomerance that is based on the life of Joseph (sometimes called John) Merrick. John Merrick was a real person who lived in the 1800s. When he was two years old, growths began to appear on his face. As he grew older, his appearance continued to change until, according to Wikipedia, "His skin appeared thick and lumpy, he developed an enlargement of his lips, and a bony lump grew on his forehead. One of his arms and both feet became enlarged." His head grew to be 36 inches around.

The name "The Elephant Man" comes from John Merrick's time in a carnival freak show where people paid to look at "freaks." He was advertised at "The Elephant Man." He eventually did leave the freak show, but died in a hospital at the age of 27.

In one line of the play, John Merrick says the words quoted at the beginning of Justin's section.

"Sometimes I think my head is so
big because it is so full of dreams."

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Continue to pages 186-204.


  1. Any ideas why Justin's part is written with no caps.

    1. I think it is just to give us a glimpse into Justin's personality.

    2. I think it was just to give us another way of looking at Justin's personality.

  2. The F.A.Q. on R. J. Palacio's website has a great response to your question. You can read the entire answer here:

    Here's one of the lines from her answer that sticks out to me: "The running monologue inside his head has no time for capital letters or punctuation: it’s like his thoughts are streaming inside his mind."


  3. You can find the answer at the end of the book but in short, it has to do with musical notes

  4. nakiama jarmon2/10/16, 10:54 AM

    how does justin feel after talking to jack about agust

    1. It think Justin's actions say a lot about how he feels. Right after talking to Jack is when Justin pretends to be the tough guy - the "hit man" - to Julian, Miles, and Amos. Why would he act that way after talking to Jack? Why is he sticking up for Jack?


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