Monday, November 22, 2010

The Fur Trade Becomes a Major Industry

Much of the information you need to know about the fur trade becoming important in Wisconsin has been included in information you have already read.  However, here are some links to information about the fur trade.

After clicking the link, click BACK to return to this page and select another link.

The French Fur Trade.  Information from the Wisconsin Historical Society.  CLICK HERE
More information fromt he Wisconsin Historical Society, but it might be tough to read.  CLICK HERE
Scroll down on this page for three paragraphs on the fur trade.  CLICK HERE

Again, much of what you need should be in your books or already in your research notes.  Check there!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Explorers, Missionaries, and the Fur Trade

Here is a link to the Wisconsin Historical Society about explorers, missionaries, and the fur trade.  The research you did in your books included some EXCELLENT information.  In fact, if you used the books well, you probably won't find anything new on this site.  But we'll do some searching together and see what we find.

Here is the site: The Fur Trade Era: 1650s to 1850s

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Native Americans When Explorers Arrived

The three main groups of Native Americans in Wisconsin when European explorers arrived are:

1. Menominee        2. Ojibwe (Chippewa)        3. Ho-Chunk (Winnebago)

Here are some links to help find more information about the three main groups.
  1. *More about Menominee.  CLICK HERE.
  2. *Ojibwe Informtion.  CLICK HERE.
  3. *Ho-Chunk Information. CLICK HERE.
  4. Early Menominee Information.  CLICK HERE.
  5. Changes in the Menominee after the explorers arrived: CLICK HERE.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wisconsin's Earliest People

Remember, we have already learned that the three main groups of Wisconsin's earliest people are:

1. Paleo Indians    2. Archaic Indians    3. Woodlands Indians

Link #1 - There are sections about all three groups of Wisconsin's Earliest People, the Archaic, Paleo, and Woodlands.  CLICK HERE.

Link #2 - More information about Wisconsin's Earliest People.  CLICK HERE.

Link #3 - Information found about each group from on archeological dig.  CLICK HERE.

Link #4 - GREAT SITE: Across the top of the page there are links for each of the three groups.  CLICK HERE.

Link #5 - More information on all three groups.  CLICK HERE.

Link #6 - Probably you've learned all of this already, but there may be more informatin at this site.  CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fourth Grade Videos - Wisconsin People

Video #2 - Exploring Wisconsin Our Home: Where We Came From - We will need to return to this one after watching the first part.  This video has answers to questions 2 and 3 in our research.

Video #3 - Investigating Wisconsin History: Cultures in Conflict - This video includes how settlers affected the Native Americans who were already living in Wisconsin.  Today, watch for information about the Native Americans.  Later, we'll learn more about the settlers.