Friday, January 3, 2014

City Birds

So why are some birds able to adapt to living in big cities while others don't? Of course, if a city is never built in a bird's habitat then that bird won't need to adapt to living in a city, but scientists have found that some birds adapt to cities better than others. Why?

For even more information about birds living in cities, click here.

Central Park is a huge park in the middle of New York City. For more information about those birds, click here.

Click here to open a PDF file called Kids Guide to the Birds of Central Park.

Wilma Rudolph

After reading about Wilma Rudolph, I thought you might want to know more about her. Here is some information from the official Olympics YouTube channel about her historic performance in the 1960 Olympic games.

Her weak leg was due to a disease called polio. She also had scarlet fever and pneumonia as a child. She was healthy by the age of 12, was in the 1956 Olympics at age 16, and won three gold medals at age 20 in 1964.

Click here to watch her win two of her 1964 gold medals

Click here for more information about Wilma Rudolph from the official Olympics website.