Friday, January 28, 2011

When You Reach Me - The Winner's Circle

After the speed round, as Miranda's mother calls it, winners enter the Winner's Circle.  If you are successful three straight days in the Winner's Circle, you win the $20,000.  Interestingly, this episode aired on April 30, 1979, only three days after the date on the card that Miranda's mom receives telling her when she would be a contestant.  Here's what the Winner's Circle looks like:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When You Reach Me - $20,000 Pyramid

Okay fifth and sixth graders, since we are reading When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead in readers' workshop, I thought it would be appropriate to see what the $20,000 Pyramid was actually like.  Here is a clip from 1978 of "the speed round." 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Virtual Students - Wisconsin Animals Links

Here are two good links that will give you a ton of information about animals in Wisconsin.

1. Animals, Plants, and Natural Communities - This link is pretty scientific at first, but once you find the list of common names (rather than than the scientific names - even I can't read those) it gets easier.  There are pictures and short descriptions, including what animals are endangered.

2.  Eek! Critter Corner - This site is just for kids.  It includes many animals in Wisconsin, organized by type of animal, and includes endangered species.  There are pictures, descriptions, and fun facts about a lot of different animals.  (I just read about the firefly!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Kane Chronicles, Book Two: The Throne of Fire

The second book of the Kane Chronicles has been announced.  It is called The Throne of Fire (as you can see on the book cover to the left).  AND you can read the first chapter online today and today ONLY.  So hop on over to USAToday and read it. 

The book will be released on May 3.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fourth Grade - Wisconsin State Symbols

Here are some links to Wisconsin State Symbols.  Some of the information is a little different on each site, but if you don't find everything you are looking for, then you aren't looking very carefully!

Official State of Wisconsin Site - Click Here
Official State of Wisconsin Site - Information describing the reasons behind each symbol - Click Here
State Symbols USA Website - Includes links to pictures and short descriptions - Click Here
EEK! Wisconsin State Symbols - Click Here
Wisconsin Travel Site - Scroll down for state symbols - Click Here
Play the State Symbol Matching Game! - Click Here