Monday, April 12, 2010

How To Eat Fried Worms Day #6

In order to answer question #1, we need to understand what the chapter titles refer to.  Here's some information:

Admiral Nagumo and Admiral Kusaka were both part of the Japenese army during World War II.  Together they planned and executed the secret attack on Pearl Harbor.  I think they planned part of the attack, or put the attack into action, from a Japenese ship called the Akaiga.

Pearl Harbor is a United States military base in Hawaii.  When the Japenese bombed Pearl Harbor, it brought the United Stated into the war, and they were determined to stay out of it.  The attack on Pearl Harbor was a huge plan carried out in secret to surprise the Americans.

Guadalcanal was the turning point in World War II.  After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Allied Forces (the United States and their allies) fought back.  Guadalcanal was a huge battle, lasting months, where the U.S. fought back and started their move to victory in the war.

So why are these chapters named like they are?

What is the location of Alan and Joe's Pearl Harbor?  Shea Stadium, which used to be home to the New York Mets, until they got a new stadium in 2009.


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