Monday, January 14, 2013

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

As we read The One and Only Ivan, keep a close eye on the chapter titles. Most chapters are quite short. How does each chapter title, sometimes only a word or two, prepare readers for that chapter? Is it a clue to what is to come? Is it descriptive? Does it give anything away?

Think about the chapter title after reading each chapter as well. Do you better understand why the author chose that title? Does is make better sense? Are you curious why that title was chosen?

Finally, after finishing the book, does looking back at the chapter titles help you recall the story's events? Do some titles take you back to certain parts? Certain emotions? Certain reactions?

(In the book the chapters are not numbered. They are numbered here to help us find where we left off each day and to help locate certain ones in class discussions.)

The One and Only Ivan - Chapter Titles
  1. hello
  2. names
  3. patience
  4. how I look
  5. the exit 8 big top mall and video arcade
  6. the littlest bit top on earth
  7. gone
  8. artists
  9. shapes in clouds
  10. imagination
  11. the loneliest gorilla in the world
  12. tv
  13. the nature show
  14. stella
  15. stella’s trunk
  16. a plan
  17. bob
  18. wild
  19. picasso
  20. three visitors
  21. my visitors return
  22. sorry
  23. julia
  24. drawing bob
  25. bob and julia
  26. mack
  27. not sleepy
  28. the beetle
  29. change
  30. guessing
  31. jambo
  32. lucky
  33. arrival
  34. stella helps
  35. old news
  36. tricks
  37. introductions
  38. stella and ruby
  39. home of the one and only ivan
  40. art lesson
  41. treat
  42. elephant jokes
  43. children
  44. the parking lot
  45. ruby’s story
  46. a hit
  47. worry
  48. the promise
  49. knowing
  50. five men
  51. comfort
  52. crying
  53. the one and only ivan
  54. once upon a time
  55. the grunt
  56. mud
  57. protector
  58. a perfect life
  59. the end
  60. vine
  61. the temporary human
  62. hunger
  63. still life
  64. punishment
  65. babies
  66. beds
  67. my place
  68. nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-six days
  69. a visit
  70. a new beginning
  71. poor mack
  72. colors
  73. a bad dream
  74. the story
  75. how
  76. remembering
  77. what they did
  78. something else to buy
  79. another ivan
  80. days
  81. nights
  82. project
  83. not right
  84. going nowhere
  85. bad guys
  86. ad
  87. imagining
  88. not-tag
  89. one more thing
  90. the seven-o’clock show
  91. twelve
  92. H
  93. nervous
  94. showing julia
  95. more paintings
  96. chest-beating
  97. angry
  98. puzzle pieces
  99. finally
  100. the next morning
  101. mad human
  102. phone call
  103. a star again
  104. the ape artist
  105. interview
  106. the early news
  107. signs on sticks
  108. protestors
  109. check marks
  110. free ruby
  111. new box
  112. training
  113. poking and prodding
  114. no painting
  115. more boxes
  116. good-bye
  117. click
  118. an idea
  119. respect
  120. photo
  121. leaving
  122. good boy
  123. moving
  124. awakening
  125. missing
  126. food
  127. not famous
  128. something in the air
  129. a new tv
  130. the family
  131. excited
  132. what I see
  133. still there
  134. watching
  135. she
  136. door
  137. wondering
  138. ready
  139. outside at last
  140. oops
  141. what it was like
  142. pretending
  143. nest
  144. more tv
  145. it
  146. romance
  147. more about romance
  148. grooming
  149. talk
  150. the top of the hill
  151. the wall
  152. safe
  153. silverback


  1. Thank you,

    I went crazy trying to find the chapters to this book.

  2. I am looking at those weird chapter names.

    Whell THANK YOU !!!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. how many chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. is there 153 chapters?

    1. They are not numbered in the book, but as I typed out this numbered list, that's how many there were.

      Remember, some of them are reeeaaaaaaally short. Like chapter 1:

      I am Ivan. I am a gorilla.
      It's not as easy as it looks.

    2. well actually, instead of chapters, they are split into sections. so for one section, it can be the first one, hello. ( a section is normally just what is smaller than a chapter. uwu

    3. Chapters. Sections. Pretty much the same thing, don't you think? No matter what you call them, they serve the same purpose.

      Chapters can be short. I read a book once where the chapter was shorter than the title of the chapter. In fact the entire chapter was one word: No.

    4. WOW!!!!!!!

    5. so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is there a way someone can describe to me what Ivan's cage at the mall and the zoo looks like please my child is doing a diarama for school and she is not aloud to bring the book home and I've never read the book I just want to make sure I have everything she needs to do her assignment thank you in advance

  6. It's a big cage with tire swings, a hammock and some plants

  7. I appreciate it so very much!!! My students wanted to read this book as a choice for our novel study. Trying to choose questions and tell them which chapter to be on was crazy.


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