Monday, September 9, 2013

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

So, fourth graders. What if I told you that The Curious Garden is based on a real place? Where there's a real garden in a real, abandoned elevated train? What if I told you that, even better, it was made into a public park and you could go there? (That is, if you were ever in the neighborhood. It's pretty far from us.)

Well, it's true. At the end of the book, author Peter Brown shares about the Highline in Manhattan. After learning about this real place, Mr. Brown wondered, "What would happen if an entire city decided to truly cooperate with nature? How would that city change? How would it all begin?"

His answer is The Curious Garden, and it all started with a character named Liam.

Here's more information about the real Highline.

The first video talks about how the park was developed on the Highline railroad tracks.

This next video tells a lot about the history of the Highline itself, long before it was a park, followed by how the park got started.

Finally, the you can take a tour yourself through Google Street View.

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