Thursday, February 1, 2018

Full of Beans Chapters 19-22

After the celebration Beans goes behind the firehouse to do something ... uh ... gross. Behind the firehouse is a feed shed which kept food for the horses and the supplies needed for the horses. Later, once the fire station got a fire truck and didn't need horses, this building was used as a workshop for the firefighters.

Also behind the firehouse is this hose trough. After the hoses were used to fight a fire, they were placed in this trough filled with water to be scrubbed. Then the hoses were moved to a table right next to it to dry. The hoses had to be kept clean so they wouldn't get leaks or burst when being used.

Beans goes to see a movie called "The Old Fashioned Way" starring W. C. Fields and Baby LeRoy.

Another movie was "Little Friend" starring Nova Pilbeam. 

Beans mentions that the island smells like frangipani, which is simply a type of flower that grows in Key West. 

So this whole book we've been reading about the New Dealers walking around in their underwear - I mean, in their bermuda shorts. There's really nothing special about them except for the fact that, at the time, they were brand new. Today we probably wouldn't think too much about them.

Rest Beach is still a beach in Key West. Here is what it looks like today as well as an old postcard.

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