Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bud, Not Buddy Day #4

Flint, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois?  270 miles?  54 hours of walking?  Let's take a look at the map...

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Bugs and Bud learn they need to go to Hooverville - at first they call it Hooperville by accident - in order to ride the rails west.  When they arrive, they learn that there are Hoovervilles all around the country and they are named after President Herbert Hoover.  The people who live there blame him for the situation they are in.  Here are some pictures of what a Hooverville looked like.  Notice that the first one is located right next to the train tracks.


Finally, here are two famous photographs from the Great Depression.  Do you think they show the emotions of people at the time, especially people like those Bud and Bugs meet?


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  1. WOW! im reading Bud not Buddy and these photos are so cool!.


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