Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bud, Not Buddy Day #5

There are only a couple quick items for Day #5.  First, Bud and Bugs are offered "fine china" for their meal.  Fine china is super-fancy plates and dishes used in super-fancy meals.  Here's a picture of real fine china:

Now here's what Bud and Bugs were actually given.  Sardines are little fish that come in cans like you see first.  After the fish are gone, the cans were re-used as bowls, like the second picture.  Would you call this "fine china"?  Why would the people of Hooverville call them "fine china"?


So what's a mouth organ anyway?  One person (actually from yesterday's reading) is called mouth organ man.  Well, here it is:

Finally, what are "Commies"?  The police officers say the men wanting to board the train sound like Commies.  The simplest way to describe it is this:  Commies is short for Communists.  Communism is a form of government very different from the United States government, and many of the United States enemies have been Communist countries.  In a situation like what we read in the book, calling someone a Commie was an insult, like saying someone was anti-American.  It would be like saying, "What?  Are you saying you hate the United States of America?"

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