Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turtle in Paradise Chapter 10

Je Reviens is the perfume Archie gets Turtle's mama sometimes. Turtle says "it comes in a tall blue glass bottle that looks like a skyscraper." Do you agree? Uncle Vernon doesn't bring back treats like Archie, but Turtle does say how things are different when he's around the house. Can you name some of the ways life is different at the Curry house with their father home?
Je Reviens

When Turtle says her mom's head is in the clouds with Amelia Earhart, there's two things to understand. First, the phrase "head in the clouds" means that someone is not thinking clearly about a situation, not paying attention, or sort of daydreaming. 

Next is knowing who Amelia Earhart is and why she's in the clouds. Amelia Earhart was a famous pilot in the 1930's. She set many many flying records for female pilots for distance and speed. During Turtle in Paradise, she would have been very famous.  

Amelia Earhart

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