Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turtle in Paradise Chapters 1-2

Here are some important things to see for chapters 1 and 2 in Turtle in Paradise.

Conch shell.

This is a Ford Model A, the type of car Mr. Edgit drove taking Turtle to Key West.

This is an example of a Little Orphan Annie comic strip that was Turtle's favorite. You can see Annie and her dog, Sandy, saying, "Arf!"

Here's a map of the Florida Keys. You can see the southern tip of the main part of the state, then the keys, or islands, that tail off into the ocean. It is about 160 miles from Miami to Key West.

Here's the entrance to Curry Lane today. It's basically a one way alley.

This is a house on Curry Land. I don't know if this is the same house as Aunt Minnie, Beans, Kermit, and Buddy live, but most of the houses on Curry Lane are very similar.

Another house on Curry Lane.


  1. This looks like a really great book! I love like the fiction and non fiction friendship stories so much! I already new that I would LOVE this book when I looked at the cover of it. Thank you so much Brian for making this blog and really helping me want to read in a fun way!

  2. I was here before and is was amazing.

  3. It already sounds like a wonderful book so glad I am reading it!


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