Thursday, April 7, 2011

Turtle in Paradise Chapter 6

On to chapter 6!  Here is some more information for Turtle in Paradise.

Kewpie paper dolls. Turtle describes her paper dolls as Kewpie dolls. They might have looked like these.

Here are some Kewpie paper dolls that have been cut out. You can see the dolls on the top, and the clothing is on the bottom. Clothes were placed on top of the dolls, and tabs that stick out the side of the clothes folded around the doll so the clothes stayed on.

This is a poinciana tree in Key West.

This is another poinciana tree.  This one is actually in the Key West cemetary.

Pepe's is the restaurant where Kermit and Turtle met Johnny Cakes, Papa, and Slow Poke. It used to be on Duval Street, but now it is on Caroline Street.

Papa is a real person that Jennifer Holm put into her story. He lived in Key West for a while, and he is a pretty famous person in American history. What do we know about him from Turtle in Paradise? Even though his real name is not used, do you knjow who he is? Can you find out?

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