Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963, Chapter 4

Now we live in Wisconsin, so we understand about being bundled up in winter clothes. And I know (because I was a kid once too) how kids argue with Mom about how many items of winter clothing is actually needed. Am I the only one whose mother ever said, "I'm a bit chilly this morning. You'd better put on an extra sweater."? The kids below have been dressed up for winter. How are they the same or different than Kenny and Joetta?

Kenny says that Byron was slowly walking around him in circles which meant Kenny had to keep turning in order to give Byron his non-cross-eyed sideways look. Kenny said it "must have looked like we were in the Wild West and I was a wagon train and Byron was the Indians circling, waiting to attack." Maybe he was thinking of something like this:

On the other hand, most of the time when I think of wagons in the old west, it was the wagons that did the circling in order to protect the travelers. Do you think Kenny had them mixed up?

Byron tells Kenny and Joetta all about how the cold affects people, especially people from the south like their mother and kids like them whose blood is half southern. His story has something to do with a garbage truck like this one. See the big door on the back, big enough for . . . ?

These are definitely some nice looking, warm gloves. Momma must have been really worried about her kids becoming "Froze-Up Southern Folks."

Zoom in on this 1960's washing machine. (It's not a Maytag. It's a Kenmore brand, but you should get the idea of what Larry Dunn was doing.) It might take a while for Larry Dunn to go through all the wash cycles in one of his Maytag Washes. Now imagine what a Super Maytag Wash might be like.


  1. how much would the leather gloves be in the book.

    1. I'm not sure that the book gives a price for the gloves, but I AM sure that the gloves cost enough that Kenny shouldn't lose them.


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