Monday, May 20, 2013

The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963, Chapter 7

Two of the following people are mentioned by name in chapter 7, and one person is not. Their names aren't really as important as their hairstyles. (I like one of them much more than the others. Just saying.)

The first person is a famous singer from the 50's and 60's named James Brown. The second is a man named Yul Brynner, famous for his lead role in The King and I. The final image is Bozo the Clown.

Once again, Indians circling the wagons. Where's Byron? Where's Momma?

Kenny pretends he's holding a bugle to play what he calls the "Day is Done . . ." song that's played at funerals. The song is more commonly known as "Taps."

If you've ever studied wolves, you know that there is one wolf in every pack known as the Alpha. He's the leader. There are sometimes challenges to the Alpha by other wolves in the pack, but the biggest and strongest usually ends up being the leader. 

So what happens if a Chihuahua wants to challenge the Alpha wolf? What if "Every Chihuahua in America Lines Up to Take a Bite Out of" the Alpha wolf? 


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