Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963, Chapter 10

Everyone probably knows what an outhouse is, and most of us probably feel the same about them as Kenny and Byron, but just in case you've never had the pleasure of . . . um . . . utilizing such facilities, here are a couple images. The second image includes room for a friend AND a Sears catalog.


Here's another look at a Sears catalog. Look at all those pages! That should last a while in the outhouse, wouldn't you think?

Joetta is wearing Buster Brown shoes. Kenny says that he wonders what that little white boy with the girl's haircut would think if he knew he was going to get stepped on every day by Joetta. Here's the Buster Brown logo and a pair of Buster Brown shoes. See the logo inside the shoes?


The Watsons take a driving break at a rest stop in the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee. The kids are creeped out by the dark and the mountains. These images show an interstate through the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains and what the path might have looked like to the outhouse. Now imagine both at night.

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