Friday, January 12, 2018

Full of Beans Chapter 5

Here is another shot of Pepe's where Beans and the gang see a crowd gathering outside.

Just like in Turtle in Paradise, this book mentions the resident writer. He's a famous author who lived in Key West at the time. Today his house is a museum. Do you remember his name? Here is his house today.

Gardner's Pharmacy was located on Duval Street. While I did not find Gardner's, I did find two drug stores. One you've already seen. Here's the other one. (It's not very historic.)

Bumstead's Worm Syrup was used to cure worms that live inside you. It's a pretty detailed science lesson about parasites, and a little gross, so we'll just look at the bottle and an advertisement for Bumstead's.

I found this picture inside Pepe's Cafe. There isn't too much description of Johnny Cakes in the book, although earlier it said he was wearing a white linen suit and a Panama hat, but when I saw this photo, the guy in the middle reminded me of what I always imagined Johnny Cakes would look like.

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