Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Full of Beans Chapters 9-10

In Key West in 1934, you needed a fire alarm key to set off the fire alarm. Keys were kept by families who lived near important intersections, like Too Bad's family. where the alarms were located. Here is a fire alarm box and if you look closely, the key is in the keyhole.

If there was a fire, a person would use the key to open the alarm box closest to the fire.

Then you pulled down the hook once, just like the directions say, and the alarm would sound. The alarm was sent to the bell in the cemetery and also to the firehouse. The firehouse alarm would ring the code matching the location of the fire and also display the code at the top of the alarm where it says INDICATOR.

This sign hung in the fire station. Look familiar? The firefighters counted the rings or checked the INDICATOR for the code and knew where to go for the fire. If the alarm was pulled at White and Catherine, what was the alarm code?

Pacquin's Hand Cream was used for dry, chapped hands.

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